Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your security services are being professionally managed by AccessControlNet powered by Kantech's proven Hattrix software and KT series access control panels.

AccessControlNet can provide a turnkey solution for printng your credentials. An Entrapass internet portal allows you to manage all of your badging needs, This overcomes challanges associated with managing a complex badging system, Burdens such as a lack of trained staff, infrastructure investment and system maintenance are all overcome by handing the the task over to AccessControlNet. The credentials are designed and printed at our facility and arrive at you destination ready for your activation within you system.

AccesscontolNet significantly reduces your need to have dedicated staff to administrate the system. Dedicated staff are a financial burden to the company, while non-decicate d staff often forget how to operate thesystem in an efficient and controlled manner. This may result in errors, lost productivity and frustration.

The proper infrastructure can be expensive enough with controllers, readers and associated equipment. With AccessControlNet you don't incur the added cos t of software, computer hardware, associated operating system updates and service.

AccesscontolNet virtually eliminates the majority of time and effort needed to continually train staff on the operation and management of your Integrated Access Control System.

AccessControlNet ensures that your data is maintained, updated and backed up to avoid bloated databases and inefficient systems that could lead to security breaches or a potential catastrphic failure.